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Devi Mahabhagavata Puranam
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Devi Mahabhagavata Puranam
(Text with English Translation & Index) 
Author Shanti Lal Nagar
ISBN 81‑7854‑097-5
Edition 2014
Language English, Sanskrit

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Vedavyasa emerged over the Indian Literary horison, who besides working on the Vedas had also composed the epic of Mahabharta as well as the eighteen Puranas. The Up-Puranas also are believed ot have been composed by him and the Devi Mahabhagavata Purana, which comes under the category of the Up-Puranas is also attributed to him. As compared to the other Puranic texts, Devi Purana could not gain much of importance as compared to the Vishnu, Shiva, Markandeya or the Bhagavata Purana etc. This Purana is mainly dedicated to the exploits of the Universal Mother or Jagadamba, whose personality has been projected quite force fully in this Purana. Besides other episods, the events of the marriage of Sati and Parvati with Shiva have been lively projected, besides
highlighting the lives of Shiva, Shri Rama, others dsitus  like Indra and others. The  most interesting aspect of these projections are the projections of ten Mahavidyas by Sati before Shiva, and Shiva’s appearing as Radha and Parvati’s, appearing a Krishna on earth. This is a unique aspect of the Purana the parallel of which is rarely found in other Puranas. Chapter 23, of this Purana displays the event of Shiva reciting the thousand names stotra or Lalitasahasranama-stotra. In chapter 67, the text of Shivasahasranama is available, and in chapter 75, the stotra eilogusing Ganga with the hundred and eight names enshrined. With the above salient features of the Purana.




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